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Tree Removal

Remove any size tree, but large tree removal is my specialty. If your tree needs removal, I can guarantee a quick, safe and clean tree removal service.

Stump Grinding

Using state-of-the-art equipment can effectively grind your tree stumps to a mere pulp. Improve your property and eliminate potential trip hazards with thorough, effective stump grinding services.

Wind and Tornado Damage

Prevention is the best option when bad weather hits. Contact us today and we can help with any tree damage caused by Mother Nature herself.

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From cutting trees and grinding stumps,

I love my job!

Christian Chipper Service Chainsaw
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Christian Chipper Service Machine

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Customers' reviews

Patrick cleared the biggest Crate Myrtle I’ve ever seen from some land that my wife and I bought in one afternoon! He was professional from start to finish, communicated clearly and quickly with me, and we recommend him for any tree clearing job you have!
Cody Carson
Wren, MS
Very professional and reasonably priced. Saw him working in my neighborhood and came over as soon as he finished. Would recommend.
Randy Mansell
Tupelo, MS

Christian Chipper Service
Serving ALL of North Mississippi